Roll for Initiative

Hildie S. Block

A common die has 6 sides. With a pair, you can roll boxcars, snake eyes or crap out. With 3 dice: Ce-Lo. With 5 dice: Yahtzee!

In Trouble and Sorry! the dice are imprisoned in a plastic dome — we cannot be trusted.

In Monopoly, roll three doubles in a row? Go directly to Jail.

1989: I invisibly sidestep a 24-hour sidewalk craps game daily on my way to the wage slave job. Dice Kings rolling bones. Bottles in paper bags. Loud voices. Hard 8 pay 9:1.

Today? That location boasts the highest grossing Whole Foods in the US.

Nerds will tell you, use a twenty-sided die to roll for initiative.

Hildie S. Block (she/her) is a night owl, a writer, a teacher, and a little obsessed with the weather. Her day doesn't start until after one cup of coffee with a little NPR. She lives in Virginia with her family and her axolotl named Xipe! Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, Cortland Review, Gargoyle, (and about 50 other places) and recently won the 2022 Washington Writer's Publishing House Holiday contest and will appear in Mason Jar Press' Jarnal and Big Whoopie Deal soon. When not writing, she's teaching, previously at George Washington and American Universities and currently leading workshops at the Writer's Center and on her own