Recipe for a New Year’s Eve Cocktail

Hildie S. Block
Inscribe a plank of aromatic wood with your rejections.
Torch it.
Invert a vintage Old Fashioned glass, capture the smoke of your broken dreams.

Meanwhile, add your frozen tears to a hammered cocktail shaker.

Muddle some sage advice.

Use two drops of bitters. There’s no escaping that.

One jigger of liquid joy.
One jigger of pure adventure.
One jigger of attitude adjustment.
A splash of carbonated hope.

Shake it until you lose those last 10 pounds.
Strain into the glass, add a twist of when-life-gives-you lemons, float some peace, top with a sprig of springtime.

Belt out the “Auld . . .” and toast in the new.

Hildie S. Block is a writer/teacher type living in Arlington, VA with her family, a white dog, a  black cat and a pink Axolotl named Xipe!  Her day doesn’t start until a cup of coffee and some NPR, while boggling at the wonders of the ever changing weather.  Her classes and writings can be found at and at, Social media handles, HildieBook, Hildie Block and PunxyHildie.