If There’s an Angel of Lost Gloves

Denton Loving
my father didn’t believe and didn’t wait for holy intercession. He mislaid his gloves faster than his temper. He wasn’t
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The Long Walk in April [Howick, Northumberland]

Ceinwen Haydon
New bracken unfurls Sea-horse fronds born in grass Gnarled Ent shadows whorl Busy silence pulses past Sea-horse fronds born in grass Solitary
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Laced Intentions

Lorrie Ness
I hate lace curtains and their contortionist ways. Their holes deforming like Munch’s scream at the slightest tug— underdogs in
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Mademoiselle Ravoux

Kassandra Montag
--on the painting by Van Gogh The sunflowers grow taller this year. They nearly touch the sun. I climb a
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Dear Son

Therese Svoboda
It's the day before the day before. The sky is still blue. Which vessel for the DNA – lightship or
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Elegy for the Turtle

Eleanor Levine
I will be sad for a moment because she used words like “quotidian”—and “it’s ok to discuss your $900 compressor
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Dancing with a Doorknob

Barbara Conrad
Everything you’d want in a dance partner was there in Betsy’s basement, Friday night girl party, stereo blasting the Everly
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Shirley Brewer
in memory of my brother, Richard We piled into your burgundy ’48 Chrysler each October, our fall pilgrimage to the
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My Lanyard

Bruce Spang
As a boy I had no idea what to do with my hands. At Camp Hastings YMCA camp, where the
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What Did Noah Do For a Living?

Therese Svoboda
https://arkencounter.com/ Kentucky's 510 ft. Ark Encounter. Pine, not the customary gopher wood. $40 adult/day. Unlimited 7 day combo $99, zip
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We Want It to Be History

Terese Svoboda
Australians battled the flood until a bird with a leaf in its mouth showed them the way to Mt. Broome.
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Toby Goostree
Six months later, when your period returned to an empty house, curtains drawn, I bought an ovulation test; you were
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The Stone Menagerie

Daniel Jenkins
In Tanzania, a thesaurus of birds perch stiffly, petrified by the alkaline slime of Lake Natron. These avian stones, these
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Lice: Ode to Schuyler

John Repp
His phrase “starry lice” just stopped me cold. My lice looked coal-black or, if contemplated in damp fluorescence, tick-like in
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Assigning a Value

Ace Boggess
Fear equals fear plus the square root of consequences divided by time alone. That’s before factoring in imaginary numbers for
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Named Storms

Maura Way
Our dormant crabs skipNor'easters. Whole bushelsplay hooky under estuaries.Hunker us down, Mister Savory.  Follow obeliskedbellies beneath silt andsediment, only antennae
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Meetup Ugly

Rikki Santer
Home from the produce section with scaly hides of Jackfruit, the host had snubbed the Honey Crisps that flashed waxed
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We Sleep However We Can

Michael Mingo
after Fernand Léger's painting Animated Landscape Even in modern cities,where the buildings overlapwith metal-tinted façades,there's always space to rest and
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The Boycott

Charles Rammelkamp
Even though my dad’s distant relative –mine, too, of course – was buried in the only Jewish military cemetery in the world,
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Sarah, Reptile Wrangler

Jon Riccio
Puberty’s passé when a gila out-dappers your scene, ball python flubbing a bearded dragon’s take. You should see how I
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Prosthetic Limb Factory

Yvonne Amey
Marry that man mama says so I say soon as he gets outta prison mama, then mama goes and pulls
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Thirties Movie

Richard Cecil
Father’s nasty-proud, Mother’s vain,Sonny’s an alcoholic, and Sis is a flirtwho teases the chauffeur. She’s long engagedto a weak-chinned junior
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How They Come Back to Us

Naomi Thiers
Those who have died—their roots still spread,their fires still spread, smoking underground. They emerge as tree roots will, bursting out
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Insistent Animals

Melinda Wilson
Like livestock, we walk the steel maze to our impersonal deaths, admit design is a murderer; there is no exit
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To Climb Green Trees

Donald Illich
The sidewalk is sterilized white.I could eat off its sunlight.People creep along it like spiders who could shrink in the
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Barbara Daniels
Down to the rotting forest floor, little shocks of sun, panty-pink, slip below crowns of simple-leaved trees. Green ousts peach,
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People in the Sun, 1960

Diana Pinckney
Maybe I am not very human. What I wantedwas to paint sunlight on the side of a house. —Edward Hopper
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Low Tide

Miriam N. Kotzin
Elegant scraps of blue satin,channels meander through meadows,In the shadows, violet spills into pools.           The redwing
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Patience at the Fence

Sheila E. Murphy
Always I overhear the overbearing neighbors fail to wince where I would fall back on my store of tiptoe. Radical
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Human Song

Sid Gold
How strange to have come all this wayon the path toward perfect ignorance& to have stopped here, a man alone
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Kim Roberts
The alchemist experiments and repeats. See his bench: alembics and crucibles, tubes and mortars, bottles of alum, cassia, aconite and
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Lush Life

Gregory Luce
It has to be Johnny Hartmanwith Trane framing thatvoice that flows smoothand rich like a riverof barrel proof bourbonrippling with
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