Michele Evans
[eye-ee-ah] n. a mythological island said to be the home of the goddess-sorceress circe i had no mama to show me round the kitchen for she took her last breath as i took my first. my skin honeyed and caramelized kept me in the big house, away from my own, hidden from kin but not the ruthless one always hovering ... Read More

The Doctor’s Appointment

Shaun McMichael
Hi there, DeVarius. D, okay then. It’s nice to meet you, uhm, D. We have? Well! I don’t… Let’s see here. Oh, back in October. Sinus infection. That’s right. I thought I remembered you. Well, I’m glad I could fit you in today. That’s what’s nice about being on campus, huh? So. Tell me what the trouble is. I see ... Read More

Emily as I Offered My Tongue as Bookmark

Darren Demaree 
She is ungentle most of the time, but we’re twenty years of her never shelving me. I’m out, ribboning both sides of her curve. I like to be active & wait for her to thwap me into position ... Read More

Mr. Magnetism 

Richard Peabody
lives in the forest gaps where power lines run taller than trees. He soars down these green expanses until he reaches a power station and gets juiced up again, so he can squeeze out sparks, a party trick crowd pleaser. His earliest beginnings were kid’s birthday parties until he melted a cake with the snap of a finger. Mr. Magnetism ... Read More

Teen Life on the Strip Before Urban Renewal: The Las Vegas of Virginia

Paula Smith-Vanderslice
The strip at East Ocean View could be divided into two parts—everything that was paved and everything that was sand.

Mayhem as Shelter

Shivangi Mishra
There would be one thatch, I shall call it shelter. If there isn't, Mayhem is. We’d stumble upon a pretty


John Repp
Cold rain ticks in the pine grove, cold winter rain wetting the resiny bark, rain driving straight down, then drizzle

Some Assembly Required

Dan Raphael
“I was a carpet before I was an onion” Frank Sauce when I started inventorying my parts ones with unknown

Pascal’s Wager 

Greg Friedmann
Stripped to its nub, Pascal’s Wager reads simply: You may as well believe in God, in case He really exists.

Sept 10, that year

Rachel Ann Russell
Had our prophets gone before? Or were we not listening? That day Did language crumple into sound, again, From towers


Donald Illich
The fort was burning; the pretend soldiers at the historical Revolutionary War site saw only smoke where they cleaned boots

To you, Mr. Muscle Man

Kara Valore
I couldn’t resist turning back after you said hello when I passed by you at the voting polls. There you

Pine Siskin Sutra

David Allan Brooks
The migration won’t peak for another month or so. Windswept and chill these days are and a little patience brings


Kristin Kowalski Ferragut 
Sound travels fast in water, while banal- intent carries on wind. I span the difference, distance between abating and loss,

Finding My Way 

Heather Bruce Satrom
  1. Atonement
    There are many ways to walk to Santiago de Compostela. One way: The French Way — Through the


Jo Tyler
You want to read my body of work. There is no body. There are just parts: neck, shoulder, hip, calf.