When They Come

Tommy Dean
When they come, hold your hands above your head, don't look them in the eye, and don’t spit on their
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Den, the Vomitous 

Evelyn Somers
Isaac was in love with his T-shirt. It was pure, breathable cotton, size L, with sleeves that hit just below
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Child’s Play

Linda Murphy Marshall
One by one, Kate picks up photographs from the piles of mostly black-and-white shots strewn around her on her parents’
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The Things You Wear

Stephanie Dupal
You stand near the arboretum gate, your hip against the ornamental rock etched with the resonant words of a conservationist.
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Mark Crimmins
For a couple of years I didn’t use the rope. It was one of those revenge presents. My relationship with
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Sangen Jaya

Valerie Fox
It’s been eighteen, nineteen years. I triangulate my way around unnamed streets and pass by the noodle shop, a police
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Thursday Morning in October on Salem Mubarak Street

Craig Loomis
At the bakalah, I part the heavy plastic that covers the doorway, and aiming a Salamalakum in the direction of
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The Hills of Ojców When I Was Small

Erik Harper Klass
Jan Lechoń and his lover lie side by side, like two question marks, on a bed of saffron sheets. Jan
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Nine Boxes

Katherine Bell
1. Kitchen Items Pots and pans. Mugs. Beer glasses from various bars across the country. Matching plates and bowls with
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Eyes On Him

Caroline Bock
-“Beauty has a strangeness”-- Linda Gregg, from her poem, “Fragments” Mottled, veins afloat, shadows flicker, the lid dips, and resists,
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Peter Amos
And so Natalie came to see sleep as the solution. It made her feel like barfing a little, like the
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This Could Be Anywhere, I Could Be Anyone

Jen Grow
I leave the store after a small, middle-aged domestic thrill: A good deal on bathroom rugs ($14.99 for two). As
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Toti O'Brien

Kind of square, kind of squat—that’s how she perceives herself. Compact—each part of her body a modest excrescence kept
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Here to Make Friends

Michael B. Tager

We first saw her on that mini-season of the Real World that only ran on MTV3. The one in
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Moses and Ronald Reagan are Beautiful

Steve Romagnoli

My mother is fat. She is not plump. She’s not heavy or stout, slovenly or rotund. Just fat. A
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Recover Me

Jennifer Benningfield

Giving his spouse carte blanche in matters of interior decoration had year in and year out proven to
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Abigail Newton Goes to Church Alone Again

Brooks Rexroat

The smiling man at the coffee bar is attentive and careful as he pours pumpkin spice flavored coffee. But
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The Manifesto of the Scones

Frankie McMillan

My uncle Ivan was a communist. He said if we’d read the books he’d read, we’d all be communists.

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Schrodinger’s Raccoon

CL Bledsoe

Paul didn’t stir when Sheila got up or when she found Matt asleep in the hallway. It was
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Patrick Bernhard

The single dead bulb in the garage rattled as the blizzard tore its nails against the siding. Colton
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Kenneth Levine

On Saturday morning, 12/21/63, a date with no prime number unless you count the 2 in 12, the 2
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Captain Marvel Goes Down in Gigolo Hall of Fame

Daren Dean

When my wife of these last thirty-nine years kicked me out of the house and I quoth "for being
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Losing Clemente

Sally Toner

I wonder what my father thought of himself after he left, given the one rule he emphasized the most
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A Girl in the Dark

Kathryn Kulpa

If I was a different kind of girl my face would be on every tabloid. Every evening news story,
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Our Fine Old Flat Chested Gal

Jenny Drummey

March 14, 1983

Dear Sir or Madam:

Forgive the vague salutation. I could not
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