Toti O'Brien


Kind of square, kind of squat—that’s how she perceives herself. Compact—each part of her body a modest excrescence kept within a reasonable radius, magnetized by the center, enamored with gravity. All at reach, her body, her mind… a small village where everything is in walking distance, cozy and snug like five fingers. Nondescript as well, … Continue reading “Loops”

Jennifer Benningfield

Recover Me

Giving his spouse carte blanche in matters of interior decoration had year in and year out proven to be a wise move. Paul Hirschberg knew that no matter the trends of the day, his dependable little Rose would err on the side of light and airy. The prospect of accessorizing a room would bring fleeting … Continue reading “Recover Me”

Patrick Bernhard


The single dead bulb in the garage rattled as the blizzard tore its nails against the siding. Colton sat on his old metal toolbox near the propane heater and hugged the throw blanket tightly around his shoulders. Every forecast that week had made it seem like the storm would be a laugher for the entire … Continue reading “Whiteout”

Kathryn Kulpa

A Girl in the Dark

If I was a different kind of girl my face would be on every tabloid. Every evening news story, every investigative report, every feed people skim past on their way to their morning inbox. I would have a name; I would occupy space in the public imagination, if I was the right kind of girl. … Continue reading “A Girl in the Dark”