Origin Story

Gillian Thomas

Is a woman of color

What you consider me

Even if I’ve never eaten

Raw Kibbeh


No intention of going back

Walking the land


In the suburbs I’ll stay

And mine a Zen garden

4-inch rake in my hand


She cleaned-up good

Is what I thought

Of every brunette who ever became

A blonde.


Is that what I’m supposed to do—



Is that what I’m supposed to do

You blanch and I fade


I rub my eyes against the darkness

Near my brain

I power-blast the dye and mask


I wash myself




Gillian Thomas is a Washington DC-area writer and poet. A graduate of New York City’s Hunter College, Thomas received her bachelor’s degree in English and theater before first being published in the journal The Iconoclast. She currently writes from home, taking breaks to play as many board games as possible with her 10-year old son, Durbin. Thomas’ work has also been featured in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Gargoyle, Ligeia Magazine, Pembroke Magazine, Topical, SpryJMWW journal, Grand Little Things, and more.